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Speak to us about how we can make sure you’re inclusive, accessible and can cater for diverse needs. Bespoke sessions available.

In our training sessions, we’ll help your team feel more confident in serving disabled clients, customers and stakeholders. We’ll make sure you know how to improve your inclusivity and any changes will be driven by the lived experience of our team, so your employees and customers feel heard and supported.

We also deliver specialist training in Autism Awareness, Safeguarding and Person Centred Approaches to care and support.

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Let’s explore your environment, your services, your website and more to find out if anyone could be your customer. This is about changing how we think about customer experience and really getting to grips with varied considerations and audiences.

Part of this process is gathering information from your team and addressing their experiences and existing challenges, finding solutions together that work for everyone.

It’s easy to think of accessibility in terms of wheelchair access and hearing loops, but being really accessible means much more, it means tackling attitudes, too. We’ll look at how you work, where you work, noise levels, how you cater to those with vision and hearing impairments, as well as a host of other ‘invisible’ disabilities.

We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re delivering a fair, customer experience that caters to everyone and even look at how your online presence reflects your accessibility and inclusivity.

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Already made a start on your inclusion and accessibility? If you’ve had an audit and feel like you need help putting your findings into practice to maximise the benefit for everyone, then let our specialist team drive the change with you.

After an audit there can be a huge amount of information to digest and that can be pretty overwhelming, so with that in mind, we offer a consultancy service which helps you plan how to roll out the changes or recommendations made. Planning the future with your findings in mind will reduce the need for further change down the line and will make your organisation more people-centric - always a good thing!

This is an ideal way to enhance your offering and ensure you’re learning from the work you’re putting in.

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See the person first

See the person first

Be accessible. Be inclusive. Be the change.

See the Person First is an Opening Minds accreditation initiative designed to help deliver training on inclusivity, disability and accessibility to wide-ranging businesses and organisations. Let’s make everywhere work for everyone; it’s simpler than you think.

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