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Opening Minds is a not-for-profit organisation providing training, education and support to individuals and organisations relating to accessibility, inclusivity and disability.

With us you can learn how to meet the needs of employees and customers facing life with disabilities.

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Not for Profit

Did you know?


There are more than 13 million people with a disability in this country*


19% of working age adults have some form of disability*


The spending power of those with disability (known as the Purple Pound) is worth £349 billion to the economy*



Learn how to manage disability in your business or workplace, for employees and customers.

Speak to us about how we can make sure you’re inclusive, accessible and can cater for diverse needs.

Bespoke sessions available.


Let’s explore your environment, your attitudes, your website and more to find out if anyone could be your customer.

This is about thinking differently and really getting to grips with varied considerations.


Already made a start on your inclusion and accessibility?

If you’ve had an audit or made your own plans and feel like you need help putting your findings into practice to maximise the benefit for everyone, then let our specialist team drive the change with you.

See the person first

See the person first

Be accessible. Be inclusive. Be the change.

See the Person First is an Opening Minds accreditation initiative designed to help deliver training on inclusivity, disability and accessibility to wide-ranging businesses and organisations. Let’s make everywhere work for everyone; it’s simpler than you think.

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